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Would you be surprised to hear that there are a few things you could do if you’re interested in protecting your oral health? For example, you may understand that you should floss and brush your pearly whites regularly and set up an appointment with us at least twice a year. Similarly, you may have heard that you should treat dental problems such as cavities or even a missing tooth as soon as you can? However, do you know how to treat crowded teeth?

As you might know, our team can help you treat over-crowded teeth and help you to achieve an attractive, beautiful smile. However, you should also address your crowded teeth before you have to deal with more serious dental issues. In fact, if you have crowded teeth, it will be much harder for you to keep your smile free of plaque and bacteria since bacteria will be harder to reach. As you might know, this could leave you more likely to have cavities and the symptoms that come with a cavity. You’ll also be more vulnerable dental problems such as to gum disease.

Crowded teeth could also cause an uneven bite. While this might not seem like a very serious problem, an uneven bite may wear down your pearly whites, which can actually cause sensitive teeth. Furthermore, if you have worn down your teeth, you could eventually develop bruxism. Also commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism can actually lead to a number of other issues, including headaches, cracked teeth, and even tooth loss.

Please don’t hesitate to contact San Diego Orthodontic Specialists if you’re interested in hearing more about dealing with crowded teeth in San Diego, California. Our dentist, Dr. David Li, and our team will assess your pearly whites and help you address any issues we find. Call us at 858-560-4047. We look forward to receiving your call.