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Orthodontists can expertly straighten your teeth. No matter how crowded, misaligned, gapped or strangely configured your teeth and jaw may be, orthodontists have extensive training to improve their look and function. For more information about orthodontists, see below:

– Orthodontists take about two years of specialized education courses beyond regular dental school in orthodontics so they can master the trade.
– Orthodontists correct malocclusions. These refer to misaligned bites within your smile, either due to your jaw, teeth, or facial structure. Examples include overbites, underbites, open bites and cross bites.
– Orthodontists can utilize a variety of treatments for fixing the position of your bite, including aligners, retainers, and several braces options.
– Orthodontists often work with with preteens and teens, but they can provide optimum orthodontic care for all adults that are seeking to fix their smiles.
– Orthodontists spot ailments and provide their extensive knowledge with amazing technologies, such as cutting-edge treatments. This guarantees that correct and precise treatment is always given.

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