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Young children sometimes struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits. When you combine this with their general enjoyment of sweet treats, this can increase their chances of developing cavities on one or more of their teeth.

If a case of tooth decay becomes too severe, it might lead to the loss or necessary extraction of the primary tooth. When this happens, having a missing tooth can significantly alter the developing oral structure in that area of your child’s mouth.

While the lost tooth can eventually be replaced by its permanent counterpart, the structural void could have additional oral health consequences, one of which is causing multiple permanent teeth to emerge misaligned. If misaligned permanent teeth are left unaddressed, these alignment issues could cause your child to have an unattractive smile and increase their chances of suffering from dental attrition and dental fractures.

In a case such as this, our orthodontist at San Diego Orthodontic Specialists might recommend traditional braces. This is even more likely to be the case if your child has a malocclusion, such as an underbite or overbite.

Once Dr. David Li has installed the various braces components, your child will need to have periodic adjustments performed on a regular basis. This will slowly tighten the braces hardware to gradually move your child’s teeth one increment closer to their ideal alignment.

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