What You Can do About Crowded Teeth

Would you be surprised to hear that there are a few things you could do if you’re interested in protecting your oral health? For example, you may understand that you should floss and brush your pearly whites regularly and set up an appointment with us at least twice a year. Similarly, you may have heard… Read more »

Ceramic Braces Can Decrease the Visual Impact of Braces

Braces are commonly used to realign teeth that have alignment issues. However, some people feel uncomfortable about the visual appearance of the orthodontic hardware on their smile during the realignment process. One way to address these feelings is to have ceramic braces installed. The ceramic braces are designed to be rather durable. Yet, they will… Read more »

Speed Up Your Treatment with AcceleDent®

Orthodontic treatment can make a significant difference for the health and appearance of your smile. However, traditional orthodontic treatment usually takes a few years. Luckily, there are quicker options. New techniques called “accelerated orthodontics” have the same goal as traditional orthodontic treatment, but accomplish these goals in a shorter period of time. If you would… Read more »

The Habits that Can Damage Your Orthodontic Appliance

Even though your braces are strong (strong enough to move your teeth, in fact) there are still habits that can damage your appliance and even delay your treatment time. This is why it’s important to take good care of your braces on a regular basis. Some of the habits Dr. David Li and our orthodontic… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Give You a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Invisalign® is a series of custom-made aligners that are created just for you. The aligners are made of plastic that is comfortable, smooth, and virtually invisible. The aligners are worn over the teeth and gradually shift them into their proper places. A new set of aligners is given every two weeks to help the patient… Read more »

Common Questions About Orthodontics

Choosing to align your smile can be a big decision for you and your oral health, which is why it’s normal to have questions. To help you find the answers to your questions, our San Diego Orthodontic Specialists orthodontic team is happy to provide the answers to the following frequently asked questions: Question No. 1:… Read more »

Let Orthodontic Wax Make Wearing Braces a Breeze

If you are wearing metal braces, you may occasionally find your mouth irritated by brackets or wires. If this happens to you, there is an effective tool in your smile care kit that can help–orthodontic wax. Orthodontic wax is used to cover sharp areas of your metal wires and brackets to provide relief from oral… Read more »

How to Clean Your Smile Effectively While Wearing Braces

Gum disease and tooth decay are a common dental problem which can be prevented and treated. When you are wearing braces you are just as susceptible to these oral issues, if not more. However, it simply requires diligence on your part, and the benefits are a cleaner mouth and better breath. Today we would like… Read more »