Practicing Excellent Oral Hygiene in Braces

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When your braces finally come off, you want to see that your efforts for a straightened smile paid off. For best results, you will want to practice diligent daily oral care along with routine dental cleanings to keep your smile free from tooth decay and gum disease.

Daily plaque removal is essential whether you wear braces or not, to prevent cavities and gingivitis. But having brackets, wires, and elastic bands offer more areas for plaque to hide and build up, hardening into tartar deposits. Your daily brushing and flossing can minimize this.

The right tools can help make your daily oral care more effective and efficient. Patients have had good results with electric toothbrushes or a water flosser. You want to clean the teeth, between the teeth and gumline, as well as the orthodontia. Even adding a fluoride toothpaste can support tooth enamel, while a therapeutic mouthwash can reduce oral bacteria and help with gum disease.

To motivate your daily efforts, remember that keeping your teeth and gums healthy in braces means you won’t experience delays in scheduled adjustments because of having to attend to dental treatments for treating cavities or sore, swollen gums. This means you’ll be actively keeping your treatment time in braces on track for the projected removal time frame. Keeping up with oral hygiene will also lessen your chances of seeing stains or permanent discoloration when the braces come off, due to plaque buildup on enamel.

With commitment and the right tools to support your daily efforts, you can help achieve the best results when your braces come off. Be sure to follow your orthodontist’s advice as well as your dentist’s during this time. To speak with our staff, please call San Diego Orthodontic Specialists in San Diego, California at 858-487-8900. Our dentist, Dr. David Li is ready to help you create a smile you can be proud of!