The Reasons Why You Should Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment for Your Child

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Has your orthodontist, Dr. David Li, recommended early orthodontic treatment for your child? If so, it’s best to consider it. Early orthodontic treatment involves a two-phase process. The first phase is the early treatment that includes treating minor issues now to prepare the smile and mouth for the thorough and complete orthodontic treatment in the future (phase two). Little did you know, this process can be very beneficial. To tell you more, our orthodontic team is happy to list the benefits.

First, early treatment can help with issues involving jaw development. This is easier at a young age because the jaw is still developing. Your orthodontist will literally guide the jaw into the proper position, which can give it the proper alignment. This can help prevent surgical needs and complicated treatment in the future.

Second, it can prevent the need for tooth extraction. If your child’s teeth are crowded, time will not change that. In fact, it might make it worse, which would oftentimes lead to tooth extraction to make room in the mouth. Early treatment can take care of the overcrowding concerns to help make treatment better and simpler in the future.

Third, it can help your child feel better about their appearance. Orthodontic treatment, as you may already know, helps with the appearance. Early orthodontic treatment can work with minor alignment issues and improve your child’s appearance to boost their self-esteem.

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