Why Early Orthodontics Will Help in the Long-Run

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Catching orthodontic problems early can help prevent issues in the future, both costly and oral. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends having all children get orthodontic treatment by age seven. This is the age in which we typically see issues and are able to reverse orthodontics problems, before adult teeth erupt. Our orthodontist can evaluate your child and determine whether orthodontic treatment is recommended.

Some orthodontic services we offer at San Diego Orthodontic Specialists are appropriate for younger children, so getting a consultation with Dr. David Li is best. If your child needs braces, there are now several options with which to choose, including:

-Metal braces
-Clear aligners
-Ceramic braces

There are options for fixed and removable, clear and colored, transparent or visible braces, depending on what the orthodontist recommends and your own desires. Whatever you choose, there will be an adjustment period for your child; and the better he or she understands, the better the adjustment period. One thing to be aware of is that at around seven-years-old, the teeth are still developing and the jaw growing, meaning certain condition, including crowding, can be easier to address with early orthodontics.

Orthodontics at this time can also help permanent teeth erupt into better positions. They can also correct dental arches and jaws that are misaligned, as well. Contact San Diego Orthodontic Specialists to learn more or to speak with the orthodontist in San Diego, California, at 858-487-8900. We are dedicated to ensuring your child’s smile is healthy and beautiful, so please contact us today!